25 new non-color words have just been added to the Oxford English dictionary


The Oxford English Dictionary is an institution almost 135 years old, but it is no better than recognizing distorted terminology once it enters the popular lexicon. Buttmunch, assfuck, and douchebaggery are just a few fun examples of the more than 1,400 new words added to the dictionary this quarter.

According to Quartz, keeping the dictionary up to date is a never-ending process at DEO. In addition to examining language trends for general new words to add, publishers evaluate a portion of the book each quarter to determine if any new additions or variations need to be included. This time around they gave us a bunch of delicious new entrees including d-bag, idiocracy, ass-end, well, stopper.

Editors also review words that fall under a different theme each quarter. After examining the terms related to cinema and cinema that have gained traction over the years, the editors decided to make Kubrickian, Indiana Jones, Mrs. Robinson, Oscar bait, and no more official dictionary.

You can check out some of the highlights of the new entries below and read the full list. here.

1. assfuck
2. buttocks
3. ass-end
4. ass kicker
5. without ass
6. Bobbitt
7. hogwash
8. blah
9. bogey
ten. boogie
11. butt crunch
12. bump and grind
13. dead end
14. buttery face
15. end to end
16. asshole
17. booty
18. assfuck
19. d-bag
20. douchebaggery
21. dumbass
22. idiocracy
23. jabroni
24. lumberjack
25. sloppy seconds

[h/t Quartz]

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