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Banks have certain rules that are used for lending. These include a positive credit rating and a regulated income that is above the attachable income. The emphasis is on income. Now some Hartz 4 recipients believe that the Algeris counted as income and therefore they can apply for a loan with ALG 2, especially since the advertising of some financial service providers promises a loan with ALG 2. But be careful, there is no loan in these cases from any bank.

A loan with Algeris rejected by the banks

A loan with Algeris rejected by the banks

Anyone who goes to his bank to apply for a loan with his decision from the social welfare office about the benefits of SGB II, also known as ALG 2, can save his way. There are no loans for the unemployed. There are several reasons for this. What is the Algeranyway?

There used to be unemployment benefits and unemployment benefits

The unemployment benefit was canceled and for the well-known Hartz 4 launched. This means that it is no longer the federal government but the municipalities that have to pay the ALG 2. This Algersentence is very tight. Around 360 euros plus rent and utilities, as well as the contributions to the health insurance received Hartz 4 recipients. With 360 euros, the previous standard of living can no longer be maintained. Where, after all, is the money for the installment for a loan coming from? It is impossible. The banks also know that and it is irresponsible to give these people hope for a loan with Algeras well. Anyone who does such a thing just wants to “rip off” because in most cases advance payment is required under a threadbare justification.

Another reason for the banks to refuse a loan in such cases is that the Algermay not be seized

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Thus, there is no collateral for the banks. For a worker, the salary is security. If a loan is not repaid on time, the bank may seize the portion of the income by a court order approved on the basis of the ZPO table. This attachable part is not only based on income, but also on the marital status and the number of children. There is nothing to be gained from an Algerreceiver and banks are therefore in danger of not seeing their lent money again, if at all.

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