Darya Hodaei is the best children’s book author of 2022

Dr. Darya Hodaei, author and Doctor of Pharmacy from Miami Florida received the award for best children’s book author of 2022.

Darya Hodaei received the award for best children’s book author of 2022. Dr. Darya Hodaei, author and Doctor of Pharmacy from Florida, is a multi-talented and charismatic young author from Miami, Florida. Although she is a pharmacist by training, she has made a name for herself in the global children’s book industry through her inner zeal and hidden passion for writing.

Darya Hodaei stands out among other authors as the creator of unique multicultural children’s books that help young people around the world learn about their ethnic roots. She is the author of multicultural books in Azerbaijani, English and Kurdish. Focused on promoting cultural diversity and multi-ethnic harmony in society, Dr. Darya Hodaei strives to introduce children to these critical language issues in a subtle yet effective way through her creatively written books. .

With Darya Hodaei’s undying desire to make the world a better and more compassionate place for every individual, regardless of nationality or ethnicity, she has made a positive impact through her books.

Darya Hodaei’s life in the United States and starting to write a book

When Darya Hodaei was pregnant with her first child, she realized that the monolingual and mono-ethnic education system was the root of her identity gap as a Turk raised in Iran.

With her firstborn just a few months old, she realized that, living in Western society, she could never bridge the significant language and knowledge gap that exists between her native language literacy and the Turkish cultural background. Azerbaijani.

Even in Iran, the various educational programs are all created and continued in Persian language. The new generation is not exposed to Turkish material and its literary content.

So, as a young mother, she started exploring her ethnic Turkish roots and decided to gain more knowledge and learn her language to write a book.

That’s why Darya Hodaei started writing a book to teach children’s native language.

Azerbaijani English was designed by Darya Hodaei

It is an innovative and unique platform which was designed and created by Dr. Darya Hodaei to discover and memorize new vocabulary and grammatical knowledge of her mother’s mother tongue by authored books.

She named this platform EnglishAzerbaijani. Although she created the platform for her own book-based learning, she became an instant hit by receiving a lot of support and appreciation from other Iranian Turks, who shared the same problems.

As the concept evolved, Dr. Darya Hodaei decided to make it a multicultural and multilingual platform that promoted a wide range of cultures and aimed to help people be accepted with their unique ethnicities in society. by authored books and other materials.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/-DYmSd-bDac

Author of children’s books by Darya Hodaei

Over time, Darya Hodaei became more open about the cultural and linguistic suppression she had to endure in Iran.

Dissatisfied with the breadth of literary and cultural content available to young children and dismayed by the reality of losing her roots in the Western way of life, she focused all her efforts on the cause of the protection of young children and the preservation of their unique ethnicity.

While continuing her work as a pharmacist in the mornings, she began to write and write children’s books with the main goal of promoting her mother tongue, Azeri, and bringing the world closer to recognizing the benefits of promoting the multicultural harmony and ethnic diversity in society.

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The list of books by Darya Hodaei:

  • Azerbaijani Turkish Alphabet and Numbers
  • Which animal is the most useful?
  • Fun facts about animals
  • Jirtdan’s Halloween

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