Recap of the Oxford World English Symposium 2022 [podcast]

Episode 72 of The Oxford Comment was hosted by Rachel Havard.

Dr Danica Salazar is the World English Editor for Oxford Languages, where she leads editorial projects for the World Varieties of English, as well as researches and writes World English entries for the Oxford English Dictionary. She regularly publishes and lectures on lexicography, phraseology, world English, and the teaching of Spanish and English. Dr. Salazar is the author of Lexical Bundles in Native and Non-native Scientific Writing (2014), co-editor of Biomedical English: A Corpus-based Approach (2013) and co-author of several language textbooks for learners of ‘Spanish.

Doctor Lisa Lim is an Associate Professor in the School of Education, Curtin University Perth, having held positions at the National University of Singapore, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Hong Kong, where she was Principal from the School of English from 2016 to 2018, and to the Department of Linguistics at the University of Sydney, where she served as Department Head from August 2019 to December 2020. Her interests lie in the dynamics of contact in new English, especially Asian, in multilingual ecologies; issues of language change, endangerment and post-vernacular vitality in minority and endangered language communities; and the sociolinguistics of globalization, with attention to migration and mobility, computer-mediated communication, urban linguistic diversity and their impact on contact dynamics. She is co-author of Languages ​​in Contact (with Umberto Ansaldo, Cambridge University Press, 2016) and writes a bi-monthly column “Language Matters” for the Sunday Post Magazine of the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

Michael Profitt is editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. He was born and educated in Edinburgh. After studying English Language and Literature at Oxford, he joined the Oxford English Dictionary project in 1989. He led the OED New Words team for over a decade, introducing programs to improve monitoring and coverage of neologisms and English around the world. He then worked on the project to develop a new editing system for the dictionary and led the editorial teams in setting the OED’s priorities for online publication, before succeeding John Simpson as editor in 2013.

Dr Philippe Louw is responsible for publishing: dictionaries and dictionary data. He completed a D.Litt. in lexicography (focusing on school dictionaries) at the University of Stellenbosch. He started his career as a lecturer in the Afrikaans and Dutch department, after which he worked as co-editor of WAT (Afrikaans Language Dictionary) for seven years. In 2005 he started as an editor at Oxford University Press Southern Africa where he worked on a range of bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, of which the Oxford South African Concise Dictionary is the flagship product. He is currently responsible for publishing dictionaries and dictionary data at OUP SA, with additional support functions in the rest of Africa and Australia. Beyond OUP, he served on the Afrikaans Language Commission from 2013-2019 and was co-author of the 11th edition of the AWS (Afrikaans Word List and Spelling Rules). In 2019, he began a second term on the Board of Directors of the African Association of Lexicography (AFRILEX) and also served on the scientific committee of the European Association of Lexicography (EURALEX) conference in 2021.

This episode was produced by Steven Filippi and Abi Bradfield-Taylor.

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