What are Home Loan Terms?

In order to use a housing loan, you must first have a house to use the loan. Housing is appraised by the bank. The appraisal fee is charged by the bank. In general, use in housing loans is applied as 80% loan and 20% down payment. This application may vary according to banks and individuals.

Housing loans

Housing loans

There are important details in housing loans as in other loans. Credit notes and documents are the leading ones. General documents required for loans are also valid for housing loans. It is evaluated by looking at the options such as birth certificate, work certificate, income status, SGK documents.

The credit rating should be as high as the others. That is, there should be no major problems in your past credit assessment. If your credit rating is good, your credit application process will proceed in a positive way. If the house you decide to buy goes to an appraisal and there is no problem, the loan generally results in a positive result.

Is the credit drawn for the whole house?

Is the credit drawn for the whole house?

People are having trouble paying down payment so they need to take out loans for the whole house. However, no credit is taken for the whole house to be purchased. In this case, users can complete the required down payment for the house by receiving a general purpose loan. Then the housing loan for the remaining amount can be withdrawn.

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Can a housing loan be taken to buy a relative’s house?

Can a housing loan be taken to buy a relative

With the loan products that are offered by the banks as housing or home loans, users can become homeowners by paying the rent in the long term. In this area, banks are able to provide housing loans to users at very favorable or low interest rates.

As it is known, vehicle loans, general purpose loans etc. offered by the banks. The most appropriate interest rate loan product is housing loans.
Many people in need of money instead of attracting other loan products went to the way of attracting housing loans and took over the house from relatives. After such incidents, the banks decided to refuse loans for the transfer of housing in the family. After this decision, the mother, father or another relative does not have the chance to take out a loan to buy her house.

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